Bedding Products

Lie Down in Luxury with East Coast Bedding!

We source the most exquisite textiles and European goose down to make superior quality bedding products. From comforters to mattresses toppers to pillows, East Coast Bedding produces the bedding of your dreams.

Our down comes from specially selected European geese and the finest Egyptian textiles, which is woven on German looms. All products are manufactured from our Elizabeth, NJ facility. Unlike bedding which is made in China, you can rest easy knowing that East Coast Bedding applies quality assurance and the utmost precision to everything we produce.

East Coast Bedding works directly with interior design professionals, upholsterers, and custom furniture artisans to bring design ideas and visions to life – in the hospitality field and in individual homes. The same luxurious bedding products we provide for Five-Star hotels can be ordered for your very own bed at home.

We also offer upholstery supplies and bulk materials at wholesale prices, with no minimum order quantities.

What is FILL POWER and Why is It Important When Choosing Bedding Products?

Fill power measures the volume in cubic inches one ounce of down will fill. Higher fill power down is considered better quality because it’s lighter, softer, and loftier. Down clusters are larger in higher fill power down, so they trap more air and providing more insulation, but with less weight.

  • With Goose Down Pillows, fill power represents its quality, loft, and how long the pillow will retain its firmness. However, it is not measure of a pillow’s firmness. Firmness – soft, medium, firm, extra firm – is determined by fill weight, adjusted by the amount of down inside the pillow shell.
  • With Down Comforters, fill power represents its quality, loft, and how warm a down comforter will sleep. The higher the fill power, the more your down comforter will “puff up.”

Enjoy browsing our luxury bedding products and buy with confidence. All customers are backed by our 30 Night Comfort Guarantee.

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