Goose Down Feather Stuffing & Fill – Bulk 5lb and 10lb Bags – 10/90 White Down Real Feather Mix for Filling, Repair, Restuffing Fluff to Couch Cushions, Pillows, Jackets, Bedding Products


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Fill and Fluff any Item with East Coast Bedding’s Bulk Goose Down Feather Stuffing!

Save Money on Having to Replace Jackets, Pillows, Cushions, and Bedding that Have Lost Their Puffiness and Do It Yourself Instead!

It’s expected that puffy jackets, pillows, cushions, and blankets will eventually lose their shape and filling substance, and unfortunately, fall flat over time. This bulk 10lb bag of premium white goose down feathers are the money-saving solution for restoring and repairing down products, while also bringing cozy warmth and spectacular softness to any plush item.

Down for DIY Projects

Bulk goosedown is a must-have for DIY projects and homemade crafts. Whether you are making your own bedding, handcrafted throw pillows or children’s plush toys, you’ll find endless ways to put this premium bulk down filling to use.

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100% European Goose Down
10% Down / 90% Feather mix
Natural White
RDS Certified

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10 lb, 5 lb