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800FP Elite European Dream Down

800FP Elite European Dream Down

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Elite European Dream Down Pillow

Indulge in unparalleled comfort with our premium pillows filled with 800FP down, offering exceptional loftiness and insulation. Meticulously crafted for optimal support and plushness, our pillows provide the ultimate in softness and warmth night after night. Transform your bedtime routine into a luxurious retreat with our 800FP down pillows.

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    Fill: 800FP Down

    Fabric: 100% Cotton, 400TC

    Origin: Imported Shell and Fill. Crafted and Finished in the USA.

    Recommended for:
    soft: back sleepers
    med: stomach/side sleepers
    firm: side sleepers


    Standard 20x26 inches
    (soft/med/firm: 16/19/21 oz)

    Queen 20x30 inches
    (soft/med/firm: 20/24/28 oz)

    King 20x36 inches
    (soft/med/firm: 25/28/32 oz)

  • CARE

    Fluff pillows daily and use a protector. Wash with gentle detergent, air dry or low-tumble with dryer balls. Avoid bleach, use dryer sheets if needed.

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