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600FP Goose Down Body Pillow

600FP Goose Down Body Pillow

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Experience ultimate luxury and comfort with our 100% Goose Down Body Pillow. Made from the finest goose down, this pillow offers unparalleled softness and loftiness for a truly indulgent sleep experience. The premium 600FP down clusters provide superior insulation, ensuring a warm and cozy night's sleep. Encased in a 400TC 100% cotton shell with double stitch piping, this pillow combines durability with luxurious comfort.

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Elevate your sleep sanctuary with our Premium Down and Feather Body Pillows

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    Fill: 600FP Goose Down

    Fabric: 100% Cotton, 400TC

    Origin: Imported Shell and Fill. Crafted and Finished in the USA.

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  • CARE

    Spot clean with mild, gentle detergent then wash in a large capacity washing machine with cold water on a gentle cycle. Ensure the load is balanced. Dry thoroughly in a large capacity dryer on low heat, or air dry flat in the sun for as long as possible. Fluff and reshape the pillow after drying.

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