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50/50 Bulk Down and Feather Blend

50/50 Bulk Down and Feather Blend


Balanced Blend (50/50)

Find the perfect balance of softness and structure with our 50% duck down and 50% feather blend. Ideal for projects where a lighter feel and increased breathability are desired, without sacrificing warmth or comfort.

Explore our premium range of bulk down and feather blends, meticulously crafted to elevate your products to new heights of comfort and luxury. 

Read more about each:

Pure Down (550, 700, and 800FP)
Premium Blend (80/20)
Balanced Blend (50/50)
Light Blend (25/75)
Feather-Heavy Blend (15/85)
Feather-Dominant Blend (10/90)
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Custom Blend
Looking for a specific blend to meet your unique needs? Customize your blend with us! Contact our experts to create a bespoke blend tailored to your specifications and preferences.

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