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550FP Bulk 100% Down

550FP Bulk 100% Down


550FP down, commonly found in bedding like comforters and pillows, strikes a balance between warmth and weight, catering to diverse climates and preferences. With moderate loft and insulation, it's perfect for those who prefer a firmer feel or cooler sleep environments. The superior loft and plushness of 550FP down make it an excellent choice for enhancing the comfort and coziness of cushions. Plus, it's a cost-effective option without compromising on warmth and comfort. 

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Pure Down (550, 700, and 800FP)
Premium Blend (80/20)
Balanced Blend (50/50)
Light Blend (25/75)
Feather-Heavy Blend (15/85)
Feather-Dominant Blend (10/90)
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Custom Blend
Looking for a specific blend to meet your unique needs? Customize your blend with us! Contact our experts to create a bespoke blend tailored to your specifications and preferences.

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